Steve Schmeichel

Steve, a 2nd-generation farmer on the Schmeichel farm, began his farming career in 1976 with his father Melvin, his grandfather Charley Fliginger, and his great uncle Ben Fliginger. Melvin, Charley and Ben were instrumental in helping Steve get to where he is with S & S Ag today. S & S Ag has its roots in 1962, when Melvin and Charley started PAG Seed after a friend urged them. PAG Seed eventually became S & S Ag, where Steve sells Syngenta Brand and Garst Seed. Before beginning farming in 1976, Steve attended Freeman Junior College, where there was always some question as to whether he went there to learn or if he went to play basketball. In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, Debra, and his grown children, Susan, Ethan and Paula and son-in-law Tom.

Ethan C Schmeichel

In addition to being a 3rd-generation Schmeichel farmer and an S & S Ag Supply partner, Ethan will be graduating from SDSU in May 2012 with a General Ag degree. Ethan heads up the S & S Ag shop department, so he can help you with minor repair work on your car, truck, semi, or tractor. He can also find you the right tire for yours needs on your vehicle. Not only tires and repair work, but making your vehicle look cool. Ethan heads up our custom accessories department in which he can find you accessories for your pickup, car, or SUV. From maintenance to general questions about our Louisiana Grills Ethan can help you with that too. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys hunting, hanging out with friends/family, and working on diesel pickups and cars.

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