I’m the Sioux Empire’s trusted Louisiana Grills dealer, and I’d be happy to help you get the grill that’s going to make you the grillmaster of the summer. I was a gas-grill man, but after trying wood-pellet grilling I’ll never go back. Take a look around, and when you find the grill you want, give me a call at 605-366-9532.

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About Us
We love grilling food. And, in January 2011, when we heard about a grilling technique that used wood pellets instead of propane or charcoal, we bought a used wood pellet commercial cooker from a friend in Wall Lake, IA and tried it out ourselves. We grilled everything — pork loins, chicken, steaks — and what we discovered was very delicious, to say the least. Every piece of meat was cooked more evenly and had much more flavor than “regular” grilling.


You see, it made sense that convection-type cooking (which really isn’t new but just makes sense) really does cook a better piece of meat. The next part of our research was around the type of grill we wanted to sell. We wanted it to be right for the backyard griller as well as the local caterer or the local community pork or beef organization. We spent almost two months looking and listening until we finally decided to sell Louisiana Grills.

Louisiana Grills are proudly made in North America and one of the first things you’ll notice is how well made they are. In fact, each grill has a three-year warranty on the electrical components and a five-year warranty on the steel components of the grill. These grills are quality work made by quality people. When you compare the features and benefits of a Louisiana Grill to the competition, there really is no comparison. Since we sell these grills to the people we see every day — our neighbors and friends — I wanted a product that it was going to work well and last a long time. I wanted it to be an investment that they could be proud of. And that’s what you’ll get when you purchase a Louisiana Grill: a quality, long-lasting grill that you’ll be glad you invested in. Take a look at some of our grills below:

The Tailgater is not limited to succulent burgers, juicy smoked venison or tantalizing grilled trout; you can also enjoy its wide gamut of banking features.

The CS-450 utilizes 450 square inches of porcelain coated cooking surface. Not only does this versatile appliance smoke salmon and wild game, it also grills juicy steaks and slow roasts pork.

“Holler” for the family, call your friends, dinner is on! The CS-570 provides all the quality and integrity of our Country Smoker grill series on a convenient 570 square inch porcelain coated cooking surface.

With 680 square inches of porcelain coated cooking surface, you can keep the crowd coming back for more. No one will go hungry as you sear, grill, bake and of course smoke your favorite meat and wild game. Don’t forget to bake an apple pie when you’re done!

Further control the outcome of your savory dishes through utilizing the full rage temperature control. Kentwood BBQ grills are outfitted with 2 heavy duty cast iron grids and a convenient cart-style housing and storage. The Kentwood provides ideal cooking, searing, roasting, smoking or convection baking for any meal you have in mind.


The whopping 60″ long Whole Hog Smoker introduces yet another pellet fuel innovation by Louisiana Grills. The choices are endless with the Whole Hog Smoker, the most versatile barbecue smoker/grill on the market! The Whole Hog has 1750 square inches of cooking area.

More Information

Visit Louisiana-Grills.com to learn more about our grills and accessories and see our line of rubs and sauces. When you’re ready to get your own Louisiana Grill, come back here to S & S Ag. I’m the Sioux Empire’s trusted dealer, and I’d be happy to help you get the grill that’s going to make you the grillmaster of the summer. Give me a call at 605-366-9532.