Precision Planting


Precision Planting offers a diverse portfolio of innovative products that give you one of the best returns on your investment in the market right now. As a leader in agriculture technology they significantly decrease time spent on maintenance by simplifying and improving the way your planter operates. Not only will you become more efficient in your fields - you'll increase yields and profits as well!


We are your preferred dealer for all products manufactured by Precision Planting:


  • Speed Tube
  • vSet Select
  • vSet
  • eSet
  • PrecisionMeter
  • CleanSweep
  • WaveVision
  • BullsEye
  • Keeton

Monitoring and Control Systems

  • 20/20 SeedSense
  • YieldSense
  • vDrive
  • RowFlow
  • DeltaForce
  • AirForce
  • vDrive

Installation and Service

Our new  80 x 144 shop addition gives us the space we need to install and service all Precision Planting products that we sell. We also offer pre-spring planter inspections.